The DUET Urban’s unique Twin Slide door configuration* is integral to the vehicle’s success in the urban environment.

Designed as a replacement for conventional barn and shutter door types, the Twin Slide door offers a range of innovative features and benefits:

Key Features  
Function Twin electro-hydraulically operated, independently sliding doors. Only one door opens at a time, optimising thermal efficiencies
Construction Slimline, lightweight GRP panel construction with acoustic features – slide in narrow vertical columns set in to vehicle rearframe
Operation Simple, reliable operation via external double deck lift controls at the DC, and via a wander lead during unloading remote from the dock
Anti-Theft Security Optimised via automatically-locating, robust locking mechanism

Key Beneifts  
Streamline Vehicle Height Gains 200mm extra roof space per deck in comparison to shutter doors, enabling a low-height vehicle design
Safer Docking Doors are opened after docking at the DC, avoiding safety hazards of drivers having to open barn doors pre-docking
Safer Kerbside Unloading No outward swing on the door (in comparison to barn doors), which creates a hazard to the driver, pedestrians and passing traffic

 * Int pat app

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