Out-of-hours deliveries are increasingly seen as a necessary means to tackle peak-period congestion on urban roads.

By providing 100% greater load footprint compared to conventional urban delivery trucks, Transdek’s DUET Urban trailer has the potential to significantly reduce city-centre congestion and traffic noise levels.

Transdek’s multi-faceted approach to noise reduction includes options for insulated loading pods at larger urban sites, to provide quiet, temperature-controlled un/loading via a warehouse-sealed continuum.

The DUET Urban also offers a range of standard and optional specialist noise-reduction features to support the need for quite night-time deliveries.
PIEK-certified kickstrips*
PIEK-certified fridge/ freezer unit*
PIEK-certified reversing warnings*
Quiet taillift technology*
Ultra quiet door technology
PIEK-certified floor coating*
Quiet taillift technology*
* Options