DUET Urban Brochure
The DUET Urban is designed specifically for the town environment, providing: optimal load volume; low-height accessibility; high-level manoeuvrability; ease of un/loading; and enhanced safety features.

The trailer’s lightweight, tandem-axle design permits a payload of up to 20 tonnes, with a max. gross combination weight of 36 tonnes. At 10600mm overall length, the trailer accommodates up to 29 standard pallets or 54 rollcages (at 830mm x 750mm) – shorter trailers are available.

As well as offering up to 100% more load volume compared to a typical 18t rigid, the DUET also has a tighter turning circle.

With an ultra low-height stepframe chassis, Tridec LV-O tandem stub axles, and slimline roof and floors, the DUET offers internal head clearance of at least 1850mm on each deck, with an overall height of 4.0m to 4.3m.

Built to the highest engineering standards, the DUET Urban provides exceptional reliability for urban freight operations. As well as standard urban-specific features, such as the DUET’s unique Twin Slide door and taillift arrangement, the vehicle offers a range of specialist options to enable flexible urban operations.