Safety considerations are critically important during city-centre and high street deliveries, in particular. Statistically, HGV’s are involved in a disproportionately high number of fatalities involving pedestrians and cyclists each year.

Kerbside unloading via taillifts also exposes both drivers and passing pedestrians to a risk of falls and/or being hit falling objects.

To combat these issues, Transdek offers a range of comprehensive safety features and options on its DUET Urban trailers.

DUET Urban Brochure
Revering cameras*
360° vision cameras*
High-vis warning signs on rear doors*
Left-turn warning lights/ alarms, cyclist sensors/ cameras*
Twin slide doors
Ultrasonic side/ rear sensors with driver-alert*
Additional side LED marker lamps*
Ultra-low height, cycle-safe chassis
Taillift Safety:
• Folding side/ rear guards with inset wheelstops - standard
• Retractable inset tensa barriers - to prevent pedestrians
  walking beneath raised lift platform*
• Interlocked infra-red safety sensors*
• Auto-locating anti-fall side/rear safety rails*
* Options