Volume is the key. 200% load volume compared to a typical
18-tonne rigid means the DUET can virtually halve transport costs and emissions on urban deliveries.

A 10.6-metre DUET carries up to 29 standard pallets or 54 off 830mm x 750mm rollcages – giving an increase of up to 100% load compared to a typical 18t rigid, 50% compared to an urban artic, and 20% compared to a 13.6m single deck artic.

In other words, each fully-loaded DUET on the road can save one 18t rigid delivery; or every 3 DUET deliveries can save one urban artic delivery.

What’s more, the DUET’s tractor unit can be instantly turned around at the DC for ongoing deliveries, eliminating the hidden costs of non-productive waiting time associated with the loading of rigids.